The Finnish Barcode of Life (FinBOL) is a national project with the goal of creating DNA barcode reference library for all multicellular organisms occurring in Finland. FinBOL is part of the International Barcode of Life (iBOL) consortium, which has the long-term aim of producing DNA barcode library for all species worldwide.


The basic idea of DNA barcoding is simple: Short sections of standard regions of DNA can be used to identify organisms to species, in the same way as commercial barcodes are used to read products in market checkouts. DNA barcodes help to identify specimens and species that are hard to identify based on morphology. DNA barcoding gives us a better understanding of world’s biodiversity.

WHAT is DNA barcoding?

”This is science that cannot wait. We need to do this now.”

~ Paul D.N  Hebert on DNA barcoding ~

FinBOL Coordinator

Marko Mutanen

Web Master